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A Platform For Married Women

Mrs South Africa™ is the No. 1 Pageant and Female Empowerment Program for married women in South Africa.

Far more than just a pageant, Mrs South Africa offers an unparalleled self-discovery journey that celebrates ‘bonafide’ married women of all creeds, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, and religious backgrounds. Mrs South Africa delegates are between the ages of 25-55 years of age and are mature, driven, ambitious and most of all real, relatable women who strive to be the best versions of themselves. It has been described as an ‘MBA of Life’ that teaches participants valuable skills, such as leadership, financial competence, communication, personal branding, and media management, among others, empowering them in their personal and professional lives.

Chief Executive Officer: We are Glorious

Joani Johnson

When I bought the Mrs South Africa (Pty) Ltd business in 2011, I was determined that our organisation would remain focused on offering women a true life-transformation journey, and giving them the tools they needed to become the best version of themselves. A former Mrs South Africa myself, I had seen the power of this programme at work in my own life, which was what first inspired me to cast off my self-doubts and self-limitations, and to embark on my journey as an entrepreneur.

Since then, I have proudly watched the journeys of hundreds of women as they have grown into powerful voices for positive social change while fulfilling their personal passions and dreams.

Since taking this single leap of faith, they have become some of the country’s most phenomenal and accomplished women. Some of our previous participants have gone on to represent South Africa on the world stage in international pageants and competitions. Others have launched new businesses, non-profit organisations, or completed ambitious new degrees and studies.

No matter their end goal, each of these women has a unique set of talents, and it is so inspiring to see them living a life of greater purpose while breaking so many barriers. I am very grateful to be part of such an amazing and empowering platform that has been able to provide them with the encouragement needed to chase their dreams.

It is important to take a moment to offer my sincere thanks to my Mrs South Africa Dream Team, colleagues, friends, Family and off course Official Sponsors, for all their hard work, and for supporting me through all the highs and the lows, and the many twists and turns in the road. Behind the scenes, this team has worked tirelessly and selflessly to ensure that ours remains the leading pageant for married women in South Africa, and that every programme and event is a success.

Ultimately, Mrs South Africa has remained true to our purpose of uplifting and showcasing, real, authentic, bona fide women from all walks of life, as exemplified by our incredible class of 2022.

Looking at the stories shared by these brave women, I am astounded by their beauty. Beauty which has little to do with surface-level appearances, and everything to do with their grace, tenacity, kindness, and courage.

These stories demonstrate that while we all suffer trials and tribulations, it is our ability to persevere, and to maintain our composure, our faith, our hope for the future, and our smiles that ultimately makes us remarkable.

The Mrs South Africa sisterhood really is a formidable tribe of strong, remarkable warrior women. We are, and You are, Glorious.


Guide married women towards the best versions of themselves, through our Brand Pillars of Self-development, Community, Network & Platform


To be the leading Pageant & Self-Development Program for married women, in South Africa

Our Pillars To Success

Mrs SA Brand Pillars

We pride ourselves on offering our contestants training in a variety of life empowerment skills, personal and professional growth.

Self Development

Self Development




Self Development

– Personal Branding
– Influencer Marketing
– Presentation Skills​
– Social Media
– Public Speaking
– Media & Press
– Styling & confidence
– Health & Fitness