Mrs South Africa should be:

  • Between the ages of 25 and 50, on 1st November 2020
  • Be legally married (with a valid marriage certificate), with or without children and in a committed and supportive marriage
  • Be in possession of a valid South African ID, Passport & Drivers Licence
  • Be available for the National Casting on 28th February 2019, in Gauteng, as well as other compulsory dates and activities, during your participation in Mrs SA. Please refer to our 2020 calendar, which will be available in due course
  • All semi-finalists and finalists will have to be involved in various fundraising activities which will be discussed in detail, if chosen as a semi-finalist
  • A strong, successful woman
  • Well-spoken and intelligent
  • Healthy and comfortable in her own skin and body. Although Mrs South Africa is more than just a pretty face, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED to model in swimwear, as per International Pageantry regulations
  • Hard Working and ambitious
  • Beautiful - inside and out
  • Well-groomed and presentable
  • A role model for married women in our country
  • An ambassador for South Africa
  • Brand Ambassador for the brand and sponsors
  • The Judges’ decision is Final and no correspondence will be entered into by the pageant organizers or by the judges at any time. Entrant acknowledges that there are competition entry fees and agrees to fulfil her obligations with regards to these fees. Entrants understand and acknowledge that all prizes received as finalists and winners are subject to sponsorship.


    1.    Do you have any weight or height restrictions?


    2.    Are tattoos allowed?


    3. Do I need to have a valid passport to enter?

    No, it is not needed to enter but you will need to apply and obtain it as soon as possible, because you may be travelling abroad for the Mrs World pageant should you win.

    4.    I work full time. Can I enter Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa? 

    Yes, we have had many entrants, title holders and winners that have had full time jobs. The management team do consider this during calendar planning office. We always try to plan around school holidays and long weekends. The dates of the calendar of events is finalised and it will be advisable to sit down with your employer to discuss this, in advance.

    5.    I am traditionally married. Can I enter Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa?

    Yes, according to the law your customary marriage is recognised and we do recognise traditional marriages but you do need to have your marriage certificate from the Dept. of Home Affairs.

    6.    I am engaged. Can I enter Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa? 

    No, you would need to be legally married with a marriage certificate, when you enter.

    7.    I am married to a foreigner. Can I enter Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa? 

    Yes, you can enter if YOU are a South African citizen.

    8.    Do I need to have my vehicle license to enter?

    No, this is not needed to enter but we do advise that you obtain this, soon as possible, because the prize package may include a car.

    9.    I am married to a female. Can I enter Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa? 

    Yes. You may enter. We do not discriminate against homosexuality.

    10.    What if I am pregnant. Can I enter?

    We do not discriminate against pregnant ladies. However, we do not advise that as this year, as a contestant, is very busy with may tasks for you to fulfil, that this may add more pressure and stress.

    11.    Do I have to be a mother to enter?

    No, you need not have children to enter.