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WHAT: New Title Sponsor

Mrs. South Africa Partners with Phangela Group as their new Title Sponsor

Mrs South Africa has strategically and proudly partnered with a South African security and defence company that reinforces their passion for women upliftment and who aims to take up arms together in the fight against GBV. This is a landmark brand partnership and Mrs South Africa has partnered with Phangela Group as their new title sponsor for 2022 and beyond. At its centre is a mission to protect women, and empower women to protect themselves, throughout and beyond the Mrs South Africa journey. This is more than a sponsorship, rather it is a way to add value to the women who will be going through this life changing journey of self-development.

Phangela Group was established in 2000 and has since been driven by a mission to provide innovative security and staffing solutions to a range of industries and clients. They are a proudly South African company that has taken a unique approach to contract security by ensuring they have a fully-integrated platform combining technology and human resources. Their approach involves a proactive theory of exceptionally trained, PSIRA-registered Security Officers, and their strategy entails several steps to mitigate the possibility of theft of property and/or risk of injury to persons within any facility.

According to the latest Crime statistics* for the third term of the 2021-22 financial year, more women were killed in the last quarter of 2021 compared to the same period the previous year, with numbers rising to 902, an increase of 4.2% or 36 deaths from the previous year.

Attempted murder of women also rose, climbing to 1 240 from 1 157, an increase of 83 attempted murders, or 7.2%. And women were the victims in 12 614 cases of common assault, compared to 2 528 cases where men were assaulted. The murder rate rose most sharply in North West, Limpopo, Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Crimes against the person are increasing at a rapid rate, as evident in these most recently published crime statistics, with the most common types of crime being housebreaking and robbery. Furthermore, those who have fallen victim to crime then suffer a range of psychological and behavioural changes, which include avoiding certain locations, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness, amongst others. Due to the current state of security in South Africa, the need for private security continues to increase, as South Africans want their loved ones to be safe and secure every single day no matter where they may be.

Phangela Group provides a comprehensive security solution to a broad spectrum of clientele and industries, which is administered through experienced personnel and various advanced security technologies. Beyond this, and many other services they provide, they are passionate about the future of women and girls in South Africa, and are taking action through this partnership to encourage necessary change. The Mrs South Africa finalists will be taught invaluable self defence skills at workshops with Phangela Group as part of their involvement, and will all walk away more educated and aware of their own environment and how to protect themselves.

The Phangela Group brand embodies strength and emphases taking back ones own inherent power, regardless of gender or circumstances. Mrs South Africa has placed a large focus on these core values and has even echoed this in their newly appointed board of directors whose roll it is to hold the organisation and its finalists accountable to upholding these core values.


Mrs South feels that they have a position of responsibility towards not only their contestants but all South African women as we emerge from a pandemic season into a season of evolution, growth and opportunity in the safest strongest way possible. For this reason, Mrs South Africa felt it was important to align with a brand that echoes these sentiments and Phangela Group is just that.

“Phangela Group is honoured to be a Mrs South Africa partner, as it gives us an opportunity to remind these women, and in turn all women of South Africa, just how valuable and worth protecting they are,” says Founder Charl Jacobs. “Phangela Group is inspired by a vision for a safer South Africa, where everyone can celebrate their own freedom without fear of loss or pain. To be part of the Mrs South Africa journey for these brave aspirational women who aim to influence and inspire their communities through their courage, is what makes this such a powerful synergy.”

Current reigning Mrs South Africa, Jo Judnick-Wilson, and her fellow Titleholders Roxy Van Bruwaene (First Princess), Michelle Forsyth (Second Princess), and Judy Bloomfield (Mrs Charity), will also become proud ambassadors for Phangela Group during the year of their reign. The 2022 sisterhood - the Top 100 Semi-Finalists - will also proudly represent Phangela Group, as they prepare for the Winter Ball to be held at Emperors Palace on the 1st of July, where 25 of them will be selected by a panel of expert judges to continue this life-changing journey to the crown.


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