Mrs SA Official Mentor Panel 2022

The Mentorship Program was established in response to the contestant’s need for more in depth advice and guidance from women, with experience in the industry. Mentors are there to act as life and pageant coaches, as well as provide emotional support.  They are reimbursed for their time and expertise. This runs completely independently from Mrs South Africa and we do not receive any financial benefit from the programme This is optional to entrants and not compulsory to utilise. All mentor bookings are made and managed directly with the mentor.

Here is the Official Mrs SA Mentor Panel for 2022:

Adele Koolen 


Town & Province  Fourways, Johannesburg
Mrs SA Achievement/Experience: Influencer Award 2019, People’s Choice 2019 & Mrs Charity 2019
Skill Set: Social media, Content & Product Photography, Video Editing, Public Speaking, Fundraising, Finding Sponsors, Personal Branding, Interviews, Finding your voice
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I am Adele Koolen, 40 years old. I am a business owner specialising in digital marketing, social media and brand building.  Married for 13 years to Johan with one beautiful 5.5 year old boy, Desmond.  I am a self-confessed shopaholic, with a love for all things pretty.  After participating in Mrs SA, the world of lifestyle influencing opened to me.  I have since started as a mommy blogger, and my son is quite the toy influencer.  My special skill is I can teach anyone to find their strengths and play to them, while working on the little things you can do better on.  My Mrs SA journey was the best thing I ever embarked on.  If it wasn’t for this platform, I would likely never have become a mom.  You will never know who you may meet, and how you can impact each other’s lives.


 Aldytha Da Silva


Town & Province:

 Durban  Kwa-Zulu Natal 
 Mrs SA Achievement/Experience:  

Mrs SA 1st Princess 2016

Charity recognition award 2016

Mrs Universe 2016 Top 10

Mrs Universe 2017 Judge

Mrs South Africa 2020 Judge

 Skill Set:

Master Makeup Artist/Trainer

Business Owner

Motivational Speaker 

 Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aldytha is passionate about the Business of Beauty, having founded 3 successful businesses in the industry along with her husband, their business mantra is We Create Beauty. An accomplished master make-up artist with almost 30 years’ experience, Aldytha has consulted, travelled, and conducted training for global cosmetic brands and fashion retailers, as well as featured as an authority on cosmetic trends and products by leading publications.  The extent of her knowledge and skill extends to regularly writing for publications, presenting and training in various settings along with creating branding & marketing material. Her extensive career has honed her skill and eye for all things stylish, beautiful and fashionable and this would have to be one of the reasons her personal stand-alone style is often commented on.

Holding the title of Mrs South Africa 2016 First Princess, Aldytha placed 10th in the 2016 Mrs Universe pageant.  She is an avid supporter of the Mrs South Africa brand believing whole heartedly in the journey and the process that purposed her next season and reason in life. 

A cause close to heart is anti-human trafficking and Aldytha supports this awareness at every given moment.  Aldytha has been married to Rob da Silva for 16 years and together have 3 beautiful children, Gabriela 13, Ricardo 11 and Rafael 9.  Aldytha looks forward to sharing her passion, knowledge, and skill on your journey along with practical skills in modelling, styling, makeup application and the x-factor countenance. 

Cathy Heaton


 Town & Province:   Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng
 Mrs SA Achievement/Experience:  Mrs SA 2nd Princess 2015
 Skill Set: Interview preparation and strategy, social media education and campaigns, brand building, creating social awareness/charity campaigns, sponsorships – presentations and sales, empowerment coaching, makeup, photography, styling, crisis control and networking
 Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cathy Heaton has been married to Mark for 20 years and is the mother of two teenage sons. She is an award-winning makeup artist and publised photographer with two best-selling pregnancy and baby journals available in all bookstores nationwide. Cathy holds the title of 2nd Princess Mrs South Africa 2015. Cathy is also a succesful pageant coach and is proud that many of her mentees have won national and international titles. As an official Mrs SA mentor for the past 7 of years she knows the brand extremely well. She has studied towards a BA Communications, Professional Makeup Diploma and Social Media Consulting Certification from UCT. Her passions lie in makeup, photography, social media, styling, networking, interview preparation and strategies, brand building and creating campaigns for her mentees during their pageant journey. Cathy is a women empowerment coach hosting monthly workshops as the Director of ACE Models JHB North and focuses on helping women reach their full potential and becoming the best versions of themselves. Cathy is a supporter of the Winnie Mabaso Foundation, Ilamula Girls Orphange and Changing Lives Foster Home. Cathy embodies what the Mrs South Africa stands for - she is authentic, unapologetic and empowered.

Debbie Braun


 Town & Province:   Cape Town, Western Cape
 Mrs SA Achievement/Experience:  Top 5 in Mrs SA 2013
 Skill Set:  Graduate, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur
 Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


My name is Debbie Braun.  I was born in Durban, raised in Johannesburg and I live in beautiful Cape Town now. I started my career in the hospitality sector and remained there for 19 years.  During this time, we created and developed hotels all over the world.  It was a most magnificent part of my life, as I got to travel extensively. 

I am an avid sports lover. I love watching Rugby, Soccer, Motor GP, Golf, etc etc. Personally, I have completed a couple of Triathlons and Duathlons.  I box, swim, cycle, run, do Muay-Thai, Pilates and have tried my hand at golf.

I would consider myself a focused individual and will always aim to achieve, what I set my mind to. My strengths in business as well as in my personal life, has been to guide and encourage growth within people and teams. 

It is an honour to mentor Mrs SA candidates and add value to their amazing Journey. The pageant world was a foreign experience for me but the journey in the Mrs SA was an unbelievable experience.  I made friends for life and always have fond memories when going through pictures of the year that I had entered.

I went on to reach the Top 5, which was an unbelievable achievement as I was the oldest in the group for the 2013, Mrs SA competition. From this experience, combined with my business accomplishments, I truly believe that I will add value as a Mentor.

Marika Opperman 


 Town & Province:  West Rand, Johannesburg
 Mrs. SA Achievement/Experience: Finalist & Woman Empowerment Award 2020
 Skill Set: Personal Brand Building, social media, Sales, Networking,   Events Planning, Communications, PR, Fashion, Modeling
 Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Marika is a successful businesswoman & entrepreneur. This fiery red head is married with two children. Her primary role is driving sales and marketing in a family-owned business that includes a property & hospitality portfolio.

In the past two years, she has spread a message of hope and second chances, uplifting woman across   the country and at retreats, for women and couples, at their family farm in the bushveld.

She is a qualified chef who has owned two restaurants. Her first modeling assignment was in London, in 2000, at pre-fashion week. She has competed in Bikini Fitness competitions, and she has featured in local newspapers and magazines. She is an ambassador for great brands and influencer/content creator for many well- known brands as well.

Having completed a Game Ranger course, she enjoys her private time with family in the bush on game drives. She believes that any woman can be successful if they have strong values and lead a balanced life. She is excited about the prospect of mentoring future Mrs. SA contestants

Michelle Bekker


Town & Province:  Cape Town, Western Cape
Mrs SA Achievement/Experience: Mrs South Africa Finalist 2017. I not only did this empowerment program once but twice. My team won the Social Media video challenge at Lifestyle Weekend in 2017 & I had the opportunity to be as Speaker at Mrs SA in 2019 sharing my journey. Alumni Special recognition award winner 2021, Judged Mrs South Finalist Charity Events
Skill Set: Event styling and Planning. Fashion Styling.  Speaking, Attended ACE Models and won adult of the year 2019 walking skills. My business interests embrace creation for social media consumption. Mentored Miss Teen of SA mentee and styled previous Mrs SA Finalists
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Michelle Bekker is a Conveyancing Powerhouse who works alongside her husband at Jardim Bekker Attorneys. She is also a mom of two boys aged 8 and 10 years.

She completed her Diploma in Legal Studies, Office Administration, Travel and Tourism and a certificate in High Impact Professional Public Speaking. She further obtained a certificate in Fashion Styling and is currently completing her LLB degree.

Michelle has been associated with Mrs South Africa the past 5 years, an ongoing participation and enthusiasm for the Mrs South Africa pageant brand and what it stands for.

As a former Mrs South Africa Finalist, she shows exactly what can happen when ‘little girls dream big” and believes you must be brave to be you!”. She believes that woman can rise above their circumstances, always striving to become the best versions of themselves. As a Mentor she unpacks what your best version of yourself looks like for you personally. Own your power through purpose, passion, and persistence.

Natalie Leach


 Town & Province: East London, Eastern Cape
 Mrs SA Achievement/Experience:  Top 10 2021
 Skill Set: Motivational Speaking, makeup application, Hair styling
 Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In order to establish who I am, I need to explain who I was before I entered Mrs South Africa. I was someone who was somewhat insecure, shy, an ordinary Mom, wife…an ordinary person from a small town.

Now, a year later, with confidence I can stand tall and say that I AM NATALIE LEACH, 34 years old from East London in the Eastern Cape. I am happily married to my high school sweet heart and best friend, I have two beautiful daughters aged 6 and 4 and I owe everything to the Good Lord above.

The Mrs SA Platform took an ordinary small town girl and turned into an extraordinary Woman. I realised that my passion is Women Empowerment, which lead me to starting my own NPO called Steadfast Sisters which is aimed at uplifting, inspiring and empowering Women across the world to bloom where they are planted, no matter how many weeds surround them.

I am an aspiring Author, completing my final year in Financial Accounting B. Com. I am a friend and a sister; I am a damn good Mother and superb Wife.

I am Natalie Leach and this is only the beginning of my story because I am living out the dream I had as a little girl and want to help other women reach theirs too.

Olwethu Nodada


Town & Province:

Cape Town, Western Cape
Mrs SA Achievement/Experience: Mrs SA 2nd Princess 2020, Judge 2021, Mentor 2021 & Event MC
Skill Set: Public speaking and interview skills, media and writing skills
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


My name is Olwethu Nodada and I am a 37 year, old self -motivated proudly South African mom, wife and dream chaser. I am an MC , radio personality for Heart FM and a property specialist. Having left a thriving career in Marketing to pursue a life led by passion for people and impact; I am proud to be a trustee for the Amehlo Trust, founded for the purpose of funding the education and upskilling of female optometrists from underprivileged communities.  I am also founder of the 'Every Girl Child Can ' foundation aimed at reimagining the reality of girl children across this beautiful country. I have had the honour of serving as Mrs South Africa 2nd Princess 2020, so I know first-hand that the crown is a representation of the queen that you already are. I am here to hold your  hand, to inspire you, to challenge you and to help you see all of who you are perfectly. With lots of laughs and cries along the way. My time with you will allow us to both walk this journey together with honesty and clear goal insight finish WELL

Tanita van der Merwe 


Town & Province: Pretoria, Gauteng
Mrs SA Achievement/Experience: Finalist 2021
Skill Set: Charity Event Planning, Finding Sponsors, Evolving your Why, How to reduce unnecessary expenses, Mrs SA-Work-Life Balance, Optimizing your journey for long term impact
Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tanita is a full time Process Engineer, Masters in Engineering student, wife to her husband, mother to not only twin boys, but also a boy with a rare disease, epilepsy as well as autism, founder of Mothers of Kids with Epilepsy (MoKwE) and an advocate for the International Autoimmune Encephalitis Society.

It goes without saying that Tanita is extremely busy, yet she manages to make the most of everything in her life. Tanita’s experience goes beyond just on how to be extremely busy and still cope with being a Mrs SA finalist and ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, physically and emotionally. She also has great knowledge on how to run a successful charity event, how to find sponsors if you don’t have a network and how to reduce unnecessary expenses to ensure your journey won’t cost you a fortune.

According to Tanita: “It’s so important to remember WHY you entered and even evolve your why as you grow on your journey. You might not end with a physical crown, but like me you can end your journey with a crown built from inner strength, resilience and perseverance, which is so easily lost throughout the journey of life.”

Thammy Young 

Thammy Photo

Town & Province: Krugersdorp, Gauteng
Mrs SA Achievement/Experience: Mrs SA 2021 Top 10
Skill Set: Public Speaking and Presentation skills, Confidence building mentor, Ramp Model/Walking, Networking and building brand.
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thammy Young is an Industrial Engineer by profession working in corporate for 8 years. She holds a B.Tech degree in Industrial Engineering from Nelson Mandela University. Thammy is also an actress, studied with The Market Theatre and the Joburg Theatre and is signed up with Thespians Actors Agency. She is also a commercial model and she has appeared on a couple of TV Commercials & billboards across the country.  She has a passion for charity, with the aim of giving back and restoring humanity in our communities. Currently working with a couple of organization’s such as The President's Award South Africa, THOG Foundation and the one closest to her heart is Saving The Boy Child.


 Zikhona Nxgata


 Town & Province:  Eastern Cape, East London
 Mrs SA Achievement/Experience:  Mrs SA 1st Princess 2021
 Skill Set:  

Public Relations, Events & Business Management,

Philanthropist and Community Services 

 Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Zikhona Ngxata studied Public Relations Management at the University of Johannesburg. She has 12 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and Communications and over 10 years’ experience in modelling and pageantry. Her day job is Sales Executive and Brand Ambassador for a successful vehicle company. 

Zikhona is the founder of Beauty With a Purpose NPO an initiative that empowers women and the youth in which she runs Miss Eastern Cape Beauty With a Purpose. She recently launched Beauty With a Purpose Academy an institution for Skills Development and Entrepreneurship 

Zikhona is a wife of 12 years to her husband Luvuyo, a mother to her 3 beautiful daughters Blessed, Hazina and Neema, a sister and a friend

Last but certainly not least, Zikhona is a Bond servant, a Philanthropist, a Community Builder, a Leader and a Lover.