suzuki auto sa awards


Suzuki comes from pretty humble beginnings and now has over 100 years of heritage behind its name.
During the post-WWII period, Suzuki’s motorised bike – the Power Free – earned a reputation for quality and reliability. So since 1955, Suzuki Motor Corporation has grown immensely and today their products are available in 192 countries worldwide.

We created our first outboard motor in 1965 and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the D55 in 2015. We have come a long way since then and our current range of four-stroke outboards is second to none in the marketplace. Our engineers are passionate about boating and spend all of their time perfecting our fuel-efficient and technologically advanced four-stroke outboard motors so that our products enable you to maximise your time on the water. So, from the lightweight and portable DF2.5 to the award-winning power of the DF300AP, we’ve got an outboard to suit your way of life.

Suzuki Auto South Africa is committed to building on the legacy of Michio Suzuki by offering technologically advanced and reliable vehicles. We are proud to celebrate over 100 years of innovation, good value and a fantastic “WAY OF LIFE”.

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