Dear Applicant

Mrs SA Pty Ltd is excited that you are considering entering the 2023 Mrs South Africa Pageant. We would like all applicants to please read the terms and conditions on the homepage, before embarking on the journey


Please note applicants are required to acknowledge that they have read and understand all the terms and conditions of entry, on the entry form, once available, so please take the time to read this. Please take some time to read the information below:


1. Pre-requisites for entering Mrs SA

The following pre-requisites which must be fulfilled in order to enter Mrs South Africa 2023. While we do screen and conduct the relevant checks, it is also the applicant’s responsibility to check and ensure compliance with the criteria. All document submitted must be certified within three months of submission

Applicants and Contestants must fulfil all the following requirements:

1.1. Applicant/Contestant has a South Africa Identity Document and is a citizen or permanent resident within the Republic of South Africa, with their indicated gender as female

1.2. Applicant/Contestant is between the ages of 25 and 55 in 2023

1.3. Applicant/Contestant is legally married in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa and in possession of a valid marriage certificate, issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs

1.4. Applicant/Contestant has valid passport for travel purposes

1.5. If the Applicant/Contestant does not possess a valid passport, she must apply for and obtain one as soon as is reasonably possible in 2022. This is because she may need a passport for international competition should she win the Mrs SA Pageant

1.6. Applicant/Contestant has a valid South African Driver’s License

1.7. If the Applicant/contestant does not possess a valid South African Drivers Licence, she must apply for and obtain one as soon as is reasonably possible in 2022. This is because the prize package may include a car, should she win the Mrs SA pageant

1.8. Should Applicant be selected as Semi-finalist or Finalist, she will be required to avail herself for compulsory dates, as indicated on the 2023 Calendar, which will be available towards the end of 2022. Please bear in mind prevailing COVID-19 regulations may affect the calendar. Applicants may look at the 2022 calendar to get an idea of the year’s events but 2023 dates will only be confirmed by December 2022.

1.9. Applicant/Contestant should not be or fall pregnant during the journey. Mrs SA promotes and encourages family values and Mrs SA does not discriminate against pregnancy, it will be physically strenuous for both the contestant (and foetus) to compete in Mrs SA and at an international level (if she wins Mrs SA) while maintaining a healthy pregnancy

1.10. Applicant/Contestant must not have been involved in any past activities that may place Mrs SA, its Pageant and/or organisers in a compromised and/or humiliating light both publicly or privately. These activities include, but are not limited to criminality, prostitution, nude public appearances, nude photography and nude videography

1.11. Should this come to light, Mrs SA reserves the right to revoke the applicant/contestant’s title with immediate effect[CZL1] 

1.12. Applicant/Contestant must not have a past or present criminal record or be involved in any criminality or any kind

1.13. Should a contestant separate, divorce or become widowed during her participation in the pageant, she must notify the Mrs SA Management Team immediately but will not be withdrawn and may continue in her year of entry

1.14. Applicant/Contestant must not be an immediate family member of the Mrs SA organisation or it’s official sponsors

1.15. There are no height or weight restrictions for entry

1.16. There are no tattoo restrictions for entry

1.17. There are no minimal educational requirements for entry

1.18. Prior modelling experience is not a pre-requisite for entry


2.  Entry Form Completion

2.1. In order to complete their entry, Applicants will need to complete the six steps below:

2.1.1. Complete the entry form online and answer all the questions (This will only be available online in October 2022)

2.1.2. Attach two high photographs to the online entry form

2.1.3. Attach Youtube link to an audition clip, which is highly recommended but not compulsory

2.1.4. Attach a copy of valid SA ID & valid SA Marriage certificate, which have been certified within the prior 3 months

2.1.5. Read all terms and conditions, review the 2023 calendar and FAQ’s on the website

2.1.6. Pay the application fee of R606.05 (incl. VAT) via Payfast or EFT


2.2. Successful entry will be confirmed by a website-generated confirmation email to the Applicant’s specified email address;

2.3. Once all the steps above are completed, applicants will be emailed by the Mrs SA office and will receive further information in early 2023, as to the process ahead

2.4. A valid operational email address must be completed on the entry form by the Applicant, in order to allow for Mrs SA to communicate with all Applicants

2.5. Should an Applicant not provide a valid working email address, Mrs SA Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any comms they do not receive

2.6. All cancellations of entry or withdrawal of entry must be submitted in writing and addressed to Chief Operating Officer, Marlene Reddy-Ribeiro This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.7. *NB* The act of completing and submitting your online entry form constitutes a binding agreement acknowledging that the above, as well the terms and conditions noted on website has been read, understood, and accepted by the Applicant


3. Entry Fee: Payable only with Entry Form

3.1. The entry fee is charged per person/Applicant and are inclusive of VAT

3.2. This must be paid only once the entry form is completed

3.3. The entry fee is R606,05 only and is payable via EFT or on the online payment portal i.e. Payfast, on the entry form

3.4. For EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers), a clear photocopy of the original bank deposit slip or downloaded proof of payment, from internet banking site, must emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3.5.  Mrs SA Pty Ltd Banking Details:

Name of Account: Mrs SA Beauty Pageant

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Number: 282926879

Branch Name: Clearwater

Branch Code: 001206

Reference: (Name, Surname)

Amount: R606,05


3.6. Applicants should use their Name and Surname as reference for EFT payments

3.7. SMS or email notifications from the bank are not acceptable proof of payments

3.8. The entry fee is non-refundable


4. Photo Specifications

4.1. Applicants must submit two photos: one full length and one head and shoulder photo


4.2. It does NOT need to be professional photos


4.3. Photos should be:

4.3.1. One head & shoulders photo and one full length photo

4.3.2. With applicant in simple daywear

4.3.3. Positioned against plain background and alone

4.3.4. Recent i.e. from 2021/22 and

4.3.5. High resolution in .jpeg format preferably


4.4. Photos should NOT be:

4.4.1.      applicant’s wedding photos or

4.4.2.      selfies or

4.4.3.      applicant in dress up costumes, gym wear or active wear or

4.4.4.      applicant with other people or

4.4.5.      Screenshots from social media or

4.4.6.      Low resolution or in .pdf or .doc format


Should an Applicant require assistance with photographs, we recommend they contact Mrs SA’s official photographers, based in Gauteng, who may be able to assist them. This is optional to utilise


5. Audition Clip: To be Submitted with Entry Form

The applicant should please upload a short audition clip to Youtube. This should be 30 seconds long max and in .mp4 format. The applicant should introduce herself in this clip, where she lives, what she does and a little bit about her life. It does not have to be professional filmed. Thereafter the Applicant must upload the video clip onto Youtube and then enter the Youtube link onto the electronic entry form, once available. This is not compulsory but will give the organisation a good introduction of the applicant, which is always beneficial


6. National Casting: March 2023, Gauteng

2023 Applicants & applicants will be screened, based on their entry form (inc. entry requirements noted above), video and photos submitted. Based on this, Mrs SA Pty Ltd may host a Live National Casting in early March 2023, in Gauteng. Qualifying applicants will be invited and must avail themselves in person, in order to be considered for a place as a semi-finalists. At this casting, applicants will be screened, in person, and from this pool, the 2023 Semi-finalists will be chosen. More details in this will follow in early 2023.


7. Semi-finalist Workshop March 2023, GAUTENG

A Semi-finalist Workshop (over two full days) will take place in Gauteng which is compulsory, in person for all successful semi-finalists, selected. This is to prepare semi-finalists for the journey ahead as well as to upskill and empower them. The final times and itineraries will follow in February 2023 but generally they start quite early and end late each day. No virtual  “dial ins” will be allowed. Dress code is “Pageant casual” which is smart day wear. Mrs SA will ensure all prevailing COVID-19 regulations will be adhered to, in conjunction with the host venue. Please note, all travel and accommodation during the application and semi-finalist stages are to the applicant’ own account. 


8. Social Media

8.1. We encourage Applicants to follow Mrs South Africa on all the social media platforms:

Instagram: @mrs_south_africa Twitter: @mrssapageant Facebook: Mrs South Africa

8.2. Please also follow our current titleholders &

8.3. Subscribe to Mrs SA TV, on YouTube


9. Queries

9.1. Due to the high volume of queries, all queries can be directed to Chief Operating Officer, Marlene Reddy-Ribeiro on email only please at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9.2. Whatsapp will not be used as means for communication at this stage, given the high volume of Applicants and queries.


We wish you all the best!