Hlengiwe Twala - Mrs South Africa 2017

Hlengiwe Twala was crowned Mrs South Africa 2017 at Emperors Palace on the 21st of October 2016. Hlengiwe Twala

Hlengiwe, is a model, fashion blogger, wife to businessman Glen Twala and mom to three beautiful daughters. She is a strong, humble and kind woman. Her morals and values are of high importance to her and she strives to empower and motivate woman across our beautiful country.

More about Hlengiwe:

 How does it feel to be the new Mrs South Africa?
It feels incredible. I'm still on cloud nine and taking it all in. I'm so blessed and grateful for this amazing honor.

 You were a firm crowd favorite throughout the evening; did you ever think it was going to be your name called at the end of the night?
Not at all. A few of my fellow finalists did say to me throughout the night that it's going to be me. The ladies were all so strong and beautiful inside and out. I was so happy to be amongst such an amazing group of women.

 Tell us about the first few minutes of being crowned, what was going through your head?
I was in shock and in tears, wishing that my late mom was there to see her little girl shine. She passed away almost three years ago due to a rare blood cancer. That's one of the reasons why I entered Mrs South Africa - she would have been so proud.

 What has this journey meant to you thus far?
I have found so much healing and forgiveness throughout this journey. When I entered I was so undone and sad, but by sharing my story has really helped me find healing and take my power back. It has also made realise the importance of living in the moment because they are no guarantees for tomorrow.

 Why did you decide to enter this year?
Last year I had a cervical cancer scare and was so shaken by it and it was really heavy on my heart. Luckily after my biopsy and a scraping, my doctor told me it was not cancer. Getting those results I knew that it was a sign for me not to waste time and live. I also wanted to empower women and men about this disease. Mrs South Africa works very closely with the CANSA organisation so I wanted to be a part of that and make a difference.

Hlengiwe Twala and Family  Before entering the Mrs South Africa pageant, how did you prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally?
There was no preparation really. I wanted to be brave and do something outside my comfort zone. I knew if I thought about it too much, I was going to end up not doing it so I took the plunge.

 Aside from winning, what was the best part of the journey for you?
Definitely the sisterhood. We've become like family, we still talk even after the end of the competition. I learnt so much from my sisters and I'm so grateful to have them in my life supporting me all the way. I adore them.

 And the worst?
As a full time mom, being away from my girls, it was difficult sometimes because I'm so used to being with them all the time, but they knew that mommy was going after her dreams. I wanted to make them proud of me and help them to realise that it's never too late to go for your dreams.

 You leave for Mrs World just a few days after winning the Mrs South Africa title, how are you preparing yourself to compete internationally?
I have an amazing team from Mrs South Africa and my wonderful sponsors helping me prepare for Mrs World. They have been working nonstop. I also have a beautiful mentor whose been there for me and coaching me about competing internationally. I'm also going with Candice (Abrahams) who is the current Mrs World, that makes me feel at ease because I know she'll be there to help me wherever she can.


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