Mrs South Africa, Real and Relatable!

She is Bona Fide.

With the recent controversy and debate regarding the relativity of pageants in our society, Mrs South Africa is a movement that shines the torch on real women. Real women with real lives, real curves and real problems.

‘’Mrs South Africa is not the typical beauty pageant. It offers married South African women who have real-life careers, families, and hobbies a platform to make a difference and to empower women across South Africa. Glamour and sophistication are part of the criteria, but the women who enter and win all have those relatable stories we’re looking for.’’


Mrs South Africa conversation with title holders:


We all know a Mrs South Africa: she is smart and ambitious, and cares about her family and community and no one embodies that better than the current Mrs South Africa Hlengiwe Twala.

Hlengiwe Twala (37) from Hartbeespoort Dam is a mother of three girls Ayanda (18), Mbali (13) and Andile (9). She is married to business man Glen Twala. Hlengiwe describes herself as a conqueror and has overcome many hardships in life.

She has a down syndrome brother who she visits once a week and the people at the REEA Foundation - a non-profit organization where her brother stays - has become like family to her and this is something that is very close to her heart.  

Mrs Twala’s dreams did not stop after marriage and kids. Balance and perseverance pushed her to step out of her comfort zone and enter the Mrs. South Africa program where she was later crowned Mrs South Africa 2017.

Hlengiwe is a real woman with real problems and she says being a wife and a mom to three teenage girls, she is never sure whether she is doing enough for her family and she is constantly trying to achieve that elusive “balance”.

Her day starts with meditation to have that quiet moment to center herself before the school run and the usual chaos of motherhood. She always makes time in her day to have tea with her husband to connect as a couple. “My husband is a great support to me and we are working together as partners”, Hlengiwe says.

On raising girls and motherhood, Hlengiwe says that it is important to empower them to be independent and constantly be a living example to the kind of woman they will grow into.
“Mothers must not feel guilty about not being perfect, it is just a waste of energy. We learn through our mistakes and we should be kinder to ourselves.”

Hlengiwe is also involved in various community projects such as “Reading Angels”, CANSA and her own non-profit organization called “Love Bags” where she distributes bags with the necessary toiletries to under-privileged children.

She is passionate about women’s health after losing her mom to cancer and going through her own cancer scare and as the reigning Mrs South Africa works closely with the Cancer Association of South Africa which is also the official charity of the Mrs SA organization.

Mrs South Africa, She Is Bona Fide:

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