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2022 Finalists Feedback

Dallmayr Coffee

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

I love everything from Dallmayr. Not only do they have the highest quality coffee, but their selection of teas is incredible too. My favourite has to be the hot chocolate for sure. Rich, creamy and chocolaty, it hits all the right notes for me and my family.

It comes as no surprise that Dallmayr has had 300 hundred years to perfect the art of transforming coffee beans into a perfect hot beverage. My favourite beverage is hot chocolate. It is rich, creamy and delicious. It is tasty while hot and cold. I also loved the cardamon tea with its cinnamon aroma. The vending machine will be any employee’s fantasy if away from the office. It boasts 17 options of beverages from espresso, white coffee, mochaccino, white chocolate etc.

What’s not to love about coffee? I have loved interacting with this brand as I find it’s a product that people can relate to and show an interest in. It is always lovely to discover new coffee brands and explore their ranges. Dallmayr has a wide variety of coffee beans but also serves hot chocolate, tea etc. There is something for everyone!

My mornings don’t start without a cup a good coffee. I am not a morning person God knows I pray I become one, but a good cup of coffee is definitely the mood lifter I need to kick start my day. For the longest time I thought I was having the best coffee of my life until recently I laid my taste buds on the Espresso Gusta Bar whole bean coffee.

What makes my new favorite coffee brand the best is it caters for different coffee flavors. My children love the hot chocolate, so we are saving up for the new machine Dr Coffee mini bar bean to cup for our home. And once I have launched Maison Lisa store, I am definitely getting bean to cup machine. The staff is welcoming and are available to talk you through all the questions you may have.

As someone who loooves their coffee, it has been such a treat getting to enjoy the myriad of delicious and delectable coffee, tea and hot chocolate flavors that Dallmayr has to offer. One thing I know for sure is that Dallmayr Coffee knows coffee. In addition to the lip-smacking beverages, the Dallmayr Coffee family/ team have also consistently embraced us with warmth and kindness and for that I am truly thankful.

But first… coffee!

Phangela Group

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

I was very impressed with the Phangela Group presentation that was given to us as at the Mrs.South Africa finalist workshop. I was blown away at their advanced technology in security systems, their professionalism and how they are so passionate at creating much needed employment. You can see evidence in their statistics that they are committed tobeing superior in all their service levels.

If you are looking for a next-level, professional security company, be sure to contact Phangela Group. They under-promise and over-deliver – always exceeding expectations. Phangela Group offers the most exceptional security services to private homeowners, estates and corporate companies. They even offer guarding services for establishments. Phangela takes security and safety seriously. They create safer environments so that we can enjoy life!

We live in a beautiful country! But beauty is always accompanied by pain and bad stuff. Yes, the bad stuff I’m referring to is called crime. Unfortunately, high-jacking, break-ins and kidnappings are part of our daily lives. We have all been affected by crime in one way or another, either directly or indirectly. Living a life where you feel safe is the second most important need according to the Maslow Hierarch of needs. Phangela Group should be a non-negotiable for all Malls, Complexes, Estates and Private Residences. They have the accolades to prove that they are the best of the best with world-class technology. Their guards are all well-equipped, screened and trained to deliver exceptional service and to top it all off, their goal is to make South Africa great and safe for all. Their philosophy is to have a management team with a hands-on approach so their staff can go the extra mile.

What I love about Phangela Group is that it not only enlightened me of the need to protect our homes, communities and businesses; but it brought the awareness of safety on a personal level, empowering me as a woman to take back the power by being observant and taking measures to ensure safety for me and my family, including speaking out against gender based violence. Having guards during our events always brought a sense of safety to I admired the fact that whilst on duty, they were not deterred from the buzz of us taking videos and photos- they remained consistent and serious about their role to serve and to protect. They were not drawn to our excitement of wanting to take photos with them, Safety first and that’s their priority. That is service excellence at its best.

I am proud to represent Phangela Group as a finalist as their mantras resonate with me:
– Never be ordinary
– Service is not an effort or cost, it’s an investment
– Consider it done accurately

Moreover, their investment in developing their people is honorable. Phangela ensures that’s its employees are provided with the opportunities for career development and succession planning. Employees are inducted into the Phangela Culture in order to minimize staff turnover and to ensure customer satisfaction.
Their image instills confidence. They are bold, strong, and confident. Not only do they command respect, they deliver on their promises as well. Providing client centric commercial security, functional services as well as residential armed response. Their SWAT division also caters for Riot control, VIP protection and Armed Escort services. A company of integrity and values, creating a better, safer South Africa for all. Live fearlessly when you join the force.

With state-of-the-art technology and a fierce tactical team to match, this powerhouse force is one you want on your side. Phangela go the extra mile to ensure that you are safe, secure and most of all informed. This company is exceptionally knowledgeable on the latest trends in not only armed forces but in labour law too. I think it takes a great mastermind to harness the best out of your team and this is why Phangela is so different as they started out in the labour law field. One can soundly say that because of this their staff are managed by the book and so are the buildings they are tasked with carrying out security services. Phangela has several extensions within their business: security services, functional services and SWAT services. I love a company that is always expanding because growth means they are trusted, have a vast customer base and are successful in each department. Try Phangela Group’s services today, you won’t be disappointed.

Women’s safety is one of the most prevalent issues in the modern day and it is commonly observable. Being an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, my profession entails me going out for emergencies during the odd hours of the night. This makes me an easy target for criminals. Getting to work safely and stress-free ensures that my patients have a beautiful birth experience. Seeing a Phangela SWAT car or guard always reassures me that I am safe. With the Mrs. South Africa journey, I am constantly in the public eye and personal safety is always questionable but with the Phangela group, I am protected. Their highly trained and experienced armed response team maintains the safety of me and my family. They have also uplifted me by providing me with self-defence classes and how to NOT to become a victim.

Whenever I see a Phangela Security guard, my guard immediately drops, and I feel relaxed knowing they are well trained to keep me safe and secure. Phangela is not just a business for contract security but ensures women live fearlessly too. Given their role in the prevention of and response to violence against women, this warms my heart knowing that business security is not the only focus for Phangela. It takes one person, one company to make a difference! Thank you, Phangela Group.

Strong, powerful, sleek and sexy, the Phangela group doesn’t just look good, they surpass all expectations as a security team. Every member of their team is highly trained and skilled, and I personally feel safe and secure in their care.

Phangela Group has given me a new take on what a Security Company can be. From the first announcement of this Company as our Headline Sponsor, it gave me a sense of pride to be associated with them. The true sense of power emanates from their mission statement and goal to make South Africa safe! It is exciting to see that this force of a company is infiltrating the whole of South Africa with Bloemfontein boasting with their presence! It’s only a matter of time before they get to Welkom, my hometown! With the 22-year track record of innovative security and staffing solutions, I look forward to seeing the Phangela vehicles driving around our circles soon! We live in a very beautiful country and my heart is for our children to experience it as a safe country too. Phangela – which means ‘to work’, will work for us all!

Anti Aging Art

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

My experience with Anti-Aging Art has been phenomenal. I have always been very skeptical about facial aesthetics mainly due to a lack of knowledge. The qualified and professional team at Anti-Aging Art customized my treatment plan according to my skin type and specific needs and gave me recommendations to proactively combat the signs of aging and sun damage. They’ve explained each treatment and the required procedures in detail to make me feel comfortable and at ease. I have changed my mindset about aesthetics and enjoy the benefits of revolutionary technology.

I have had a PRP treatment during the past week and it is an amazing treatment! It is an anti-aging treatment whereby PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is injected into the face to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. The results are more than satisfying!

From the moment I drove into Anti-aging Art’s premises I immediately felt well looked after. You are greeted by a friendly security guard, there is a beautiful fountain on your way inside while the door is opened for you and you are greeted by the most welcoming staff. As you walk past the gorgeous chandeliers and make your way to the waiting area you are greeted again but by the cutest cats and while you enjoy your cappuccino and gaze into the lush garden, you are surprised to see peacocks, rabbits and other very intriguing animals. I’m such an animal person so this you can imagine had me entertained while I waited for my treatment.  Dr Reza (who might I add is extremely knowledgeable, I don’t think I’ve seen so many certificates on a Dr’s wall before) and his awesome team of ladies listen to your concerns and make notes on what you would like to achieve. After this is discussed in detail it’s time for your treatment. Anti-aging Art uses only the very best products which makes your skin glow for long after your treatment. I absolutely love coming here because it is not only booking to see an extremely qualified Dr but the attention to detail is something every woman deserves to experience. If you want to look and feel like a million dollars, this is the place to go. 

All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you – with one more thank you – I had the miraDry treatment 6 weeks ago and the results are incredible. I am quite sceptical when it comes to non-invasive treatments as there are so many gimmicks on the market that one pays a fortune for with little to no results.  However, this is not the case here – the best investment by far!

Dr. Reza and Lerato my therapist took me through the entry process step by step. They made a very embarrassing experience feel like just another treatment. Yes, there was some discomfort after the treatment but let me just tell you it is so worth it. I have been able to wear my favourite shirts, dress, and silk tops with no Moons – now if Dr. Reza and miraDry can just invent the same machine for one’s face. 

This aesthetics practice is based in the heart of Sandton and is run by the all famous and talented Dr Reza, the knowledge and passion Dr Reza has for making women and men feel great again without doing surgery is inspiring! 

Dr Reza has knowledge of aesthetic medicine and procedures that will make you look and feel years younger. What I love about anti-aging art is the amazing professional staff members and the upmarket setting, you feel like a celebrity when you enter anti-aging art, not only are they always on-top of all the newest trends and techniques in the aesthetic world but they also use only the best products on their patients! 

Driving to Anti-aging art is like going on a pampering and rejuvenation journey. I was extremely nervous about my platelet rich plasma facial because I have a phobia of needles. The friendly staff members warmly greeted me upon arrival, and I was immediately put at ease. The tranquil and calm aesthetic of the facility had an amazing calming and healing atmosphere. From beautiful chandeliers, a majestic staircase, glorious artwork and beautiful cats, one can only feel confident and comfortable. Dr Reza and his team are extremely professional and explained the process thoroughly.  After a lovely cappuccino, my treatment was started. He applied a numbing cream, and I was very comfortable throughout the process. My skin looks and feels beautiful. I will be returning for further treatments. Aging beautifully, gracefully and healthily however, is an art. Thank you to the Anti-aging art team for keeping me at my peak.

ATKV Resorts

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

Things I love at any resort is a heated swimming pool, hygiene and peace and quiet. ATKV offers this and more at their Buffelspoort Resort. The surrounding area is beautiful and rondawel is clean and refreshing. Ablution areas are well maintained. The kiosk is so convenient for quick essential purchases, restaurant perfect for a family lunch and the braai area for evening relaxation. Surprisingly my teenage kids enjoyed our stay and the all the waterslides, daily entertainment and gaming area. They can’t wait for our next holiday to return to the resort.

This was such an amazing location for a family getaway, I liked that our place was remotely close to most of the things we didn’t have to drive everywhere, truly a family resort there’s everything for everyone. The heated pools were a winner in my books and all kids’ pools and play areas was a major plus. Everything about the resort was amazing, it has lots of fun activities and the staff are all friendly and helpful. The winner for me was I liked that it has all the facilities we needed to have a great holiday with the kids and that they were never bored at the most part. I recommend Klein Kariba to all my friends and family. It is certainly a fun getaway, a must do!

What a pleasure to have visited ATKV Drakensville recently! Superb surroundings with a well-equipped living area, were the perfect setting for our stay. We enjoyed early morning walks, breathing in the fresh mountain air. We had a great family time on the putt-putt course and in the games room with much laughter and fun! We were able to enjoy the heated pool in the evening as this just relaxed the muscles and was a great start to a relaxing evening. I was so impressed with all the activities for the kids to enjoy! Waterslides, monster chess, birdwatching, hiking amongst other things. My daughter and I enjoyed the Beauty Salon on the premises too! Divine family meals at the Koswerf restaurant, made the stay even more exceptional. From this experience, I would visit any of the many ATKV resorts across our country with great excitement!

What is there not to like about ATKV Oorde / Resorts. It’s perfect for family holidays. I remember growing up and having the most amazing time at one of the many ATKV Resorts, there is so much to do for young and old. It’s the perfect destination for both adults and kids, when the parents need time out, they know the kids will be entertained with a list of activities to do. Making friends alongside a campfire, riding bicycle throughout the resort, swimming in heated pools, having fun at putt-putt adventure golf, the list goes on and on. Whether you prefer the bushveld or a beach holiday, with ATKV you can choose from 7 different resorts.
What are you waiting for? Book your next family holiday!

Now that we are a family of three, a holiday for us needs to include activities for our toddler. At ATKV resorts there is fun for the whole family. With 7 picturesque resorts located around the country I am spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing my next family getaway. I also love how easy it is to book and pay for your holiday online. Day one, expect to find me by the pool, reading magazines, sipping on a glass of vino. I just better inform my husband he’ll be on dad duty that day! This Mama needs a break!

Brentoni Eyewear

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

Before Mrs South Africa, I didn’t know who and what Brentoni was, but now I can’t live without it. I used to think that the only way to wear a pair of sunglasses that made me feel good, look good and add the X-factor to my outfit had to have at least three zeros on the price tag. Not only does Brentoni produce stylish sunglasses that sit perfectly and comfortably on my nose I also don’t have to save for months or rob a bank to purchase a pair. The cherry on top is that Brentoni’s are produced locally and available nationwide. Brentoni also provides something for everyone. All in all, my life has been changed by a pair of or should I rather say (smiling) pairs of Brentoni sunglasses.

I really love the Brentoni eyewear brand. A proudly South African brand that is fashionable and affordable. You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a pair of glasses that will suit you. I personally have a few pairs of their sunglasses that will go with almost any occasion. They are also conveniently available to order online and have many distributors around the country if you feel you would prefer to try them on. My teenage daughter has a few of her own pairs of Brentoni Sunglasses otherwise I would be continuously looking for mine

For an Optometrist and fashionista like myself, choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is mainly about the amount of UV protection, the perfect fit for my facial structure as well as the perfect fit for my personal style. Brentoni sunnies having UV400, polaroid lenses keep my eyes are fully protected from UV rays. With so many stylish and trendy choices one cannot own just one pair I have a perfect pair for each of my looks and let’s just say “I am never fully dressed without a pair of Brentonis!”

There is just something about politely putting on a pair of Brentoni sunglasses, staring blankly ahead while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, that just gives you that extra boost in confidence that can turn any blue Monday into a Perfectly BRIGHT day! Brentoni sunglasses are not only trendy, but also cost effective and great quality. Wearing my sunglasses more often has definitely helped me to frown less, resulting in less headache problems and slowing down the forming of more and deeper lines on my forehead.

The Brentoni Sunglasses I received were really something to talk about. The first pair was a very sophisticated pair that allowed my inner Queen to shine, the fit was great, I always have issues with sunglasses hurting my nose area as well as squashing my cheeks down. But with Brentoni, the sunglasses do not touch your cheeks, which give you that flawless look and the nose is not pressed down. I have to the best pair received. The below pair is really great as an everyday stylish look and the metallic area with the Brentoni engraving gives it a very high-quality product.

The second pair received was really something I wouldn’t have chosen whilst shopping, but OMG, what a pleasant surprise I got from when I wore them. They made me feel like my 19-year-old son. They brought youth into my face, into my step and a confidence. They are a really cool pair of sunglasses I own at the moment. The downfall to these was that the Brentoni logo was glued on and with the Durban weather, the logo soon fell off and that was the negative I found about the glasses. The lenses also scratch quite easily, but I really love this pair and even my son had a positive comment on these.

BTL Aesthetics

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

I recently had my first buttock-toning treatment! I was super impressed with the technology and effectiveness of the treatment. The EMSCULPT treatment helps build muscle and sculpt your body non-invasively. And it is painless! A minimum of 4 x 30 minute sessions is recommended to obtain visible results. The best of all is, I get to lie down on my stomach while all the toning is being done for me!

I love all things fitness as I believe a healthy mind is a healthy body. You need to look after yourself in order to feel good about yourself and BTL is a brand that understands this. I love that they also recognise that we have busy lives and as a result we want fast solutions. BTL helps you to tone your body and have the body you have always wanted. There are so many outlets that have the various BTL machines because they are such a trusted brand, making it very convenient and accommodating to many. It is important to note that BTL treatments are to be used in conjunction to your regular gym workout which accelerates muscle growth and the sculpting process. My absolute favourite is the EmSculpt which I like to use on my abdominal muscles (you are able to use this machine on your arms and glutes as well) , to me beauty is having great abs and this machine makes it easier to achieve. Another great machine of theirs is one that helps with incontinence, the Emsella. I don’t think enough people speak about this problem they experience of slowly starting to become incontinent. This is a wonder machine, and it is something I would recommend all women tell their friends about. 

I started my weight-loss journey a few years ago and despite losing a lot of weight, I have ‘tummy fat’ and “bat winged” arms. I gym 4 times a week and eat a healthy diet but this doesn’t help with these stubborn areas. This has affected my confidence and I have always avoided fitting clothing and short sleeves. I am on my third session of the Exillis ultra and already I see a great improvement. Unlike surgery, there is no downtime time. The procedure is painless, and the results are visible as early as 2 weeks after the first session. I have also seen an improvement in my cellulite. I feel confident to offer this treatment to my patients and I have even purchased the Exillis Ultra femme 360. No women should feel unworthy because of lack of confidence. 

Great treatments. Being a personal trainer who constantly works out and helps other women define their muscles, I can’t help thinking how easy it is now to define muscles with BTL technology. There are no more excuses to building muscles and getting that defined body shape. I hope to invest in this EMAsculpt machine and offer the convenient option to my clients. I also loved their laser Electromagnetic energy machine which helped me a lot when I injured my back. I suffered from headaches and the doctor informed me I had so much spasm on my back and recommended physio. I used the laser machine which helped me relax the back muscles, my headache did ease up as the week went by.


Aging is not for the faint-hearted and Cellulite is definitely not my best friend. The Emtone treatments have been great and the results are amazing.

This technology can assist you with the most powerful slimming treatments, vaginal rejuvenation and much more! This is the perfect treatment for busy women who can’t make time for gym every day. Or that doesn’t get results in the gym as it’s focuses on the deeper muscle tissue.

EMSCULPT pulses encourage your body to build muscle in areas that typically won’t respond to regular exercise such as the biceps and triceps. When your arm is exposed to the targeted HIFEM pulses, it will react through small contractions that ripple throughout your arm. EMSCULPT actually lets you grow your own muscle and gives a natural muscle tone. The device is now FDA approved for building muscle in the arms as well as the buttocks and abs.


Collagen Lift

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

I didn’t know much about collagen, the benefits or the reason for drinking collagen. The little bit I did know was that I needed to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, preferably in my coffee. They said I would taste it, but I did. Being introduced to Collagen Lift Paris, a quick and easy and don’t forget OH SO delicious drinkable collagen, which you can add to water if you choose, was a game changer for me. Now I can drink my collagen and enjoy my first cup of coffee daily—no need to sacrifice or change my daily routine. Instead, my daily routine now just included an ampoule filled with goodness that made my taste buds happy and my wrinkles, skin, bones and all!

Coming into the Mrs. South Africa pageant I have learnt so much about beauty and products. One of them being Collagen Lift Paris “Luminous Gold” I will be forever grateful for such a wonderful product. Being a very busy mom with many hats to wear, convenience is key! I wake up in the morning and before I start my day, I simply click open one ampoule and pour it into a glass of water before breakfast and simply admire the results in the mirror.

Ever heard the saying “Black don’t crack “. Well black does crack if you slack on your skincare routine. As a black woman I’m so glad I made the decision to start taking care of my skin at 33. I must say I felt so much more confident without makeup after just 2 months of using collagen lift Paris. The Collagen Lift Paris “Luminous gold” product worked wonders for my uneven skin patches, dark spots and discolouration. Having anaemia (iron deficiency) all my life I’ve struggled with brittle hair and nails. I have seen a noticeable change in my nails with the drinkable collagen from collagen lift Paris and would definitely recommend using it alongside prescribed iron supplements. I love that I can just add my “magic potion” to my morning juice or tea and continue with my day looking radiant and beautiful.

It took me quite some time to grasp that the flaws I believe I have, can’t be improved by only applying products on the dermal area itself. Beauty always starts from within, literally, scientifically, and figuratively. The Collagen lift Paris Luminous Gold product is one of the few products on the market that has the ability to target specifically melasma, and not only sun damage. After being under hormone treatment for quite some time, this product came as my saving grace. I am looking and feeling more confident than ever as my skin’s elasticity is improving and slowly but surely my skin tone is evening out.

This drinkable collagen, I enjoyed as it wasn’t a powder composition, the ease in usage makes it a go to for person who is busy. The taste of the product is also acceptable as it has no after taste or bitterness, it’s just perfect. The results I have received from the product is that my skin is more protected from sun damage. I’m a sunscreen lover and it helps ensure that this part of my daily routine is not only doubled through a cream but through drinking the Collagen lift.

Dr K Dermal Health

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

I rarely write reviews on skincare products, but Dr. K gets a 5-star rating.  I have been battling with Acne prone skin forever, always trying different products that dry out my skin and leave it feeling irritated with the end still a face with Acne. This however is not the case with Dr.K from the start the product just felt right –  it’s not just skincare but also treats gut health by working from the inside out. My acne has been under control for the last 4 months. Yes, I still get the occasional breakout but it’s not permanent – my skin has finally fallen in Love. Thank you Dr. K

I love people that are not only knowledgeable but passionate about their brand and DrK really is. There has been so much research that has gone into their products that their skin products not only help your skin  and your skin’s bacteria to achieve perfect symbiosis but also their products feed your skin and ultimately feed your gut. Yes, you heard right! Their products are literally mind-blowing. Dr K’s morning cream has an SPF of 50 meaning you will be protected all day long with the harsh sun. Dr K’s night cream has a protection barrier against blue light, I didn’t even know that blue light could play a role in breaking down your skin’s DNA and here they are with some revolutionary technology. Everyone’s skin is different, and this is why you can find an extension of Dr K’s products in various reputable aesthetic Dr’s and skin specialists. With Dr K you are in trusted hands, a brand I would recommend to all for radiant, soft skin. 

Being a frontline worker during the covid pandemic, forced me to wear a surgical mask all the time. I always had beautiful skin but with wearing a mask for long hours, I started getting acne, irritation and rashes. I couldn’t find a product that combated these problems. To top it all off the blue light exposure from prolonged usage of devices also added to aging of my skin.

I was introduced to Dr K Dermal Health care products during my Mrs. South Africa journey. The exfo cleanser gel made my skin feel fresh and hydrated, unlike other exfoliating cleansers. I found that using the NucleoHydrate complex keeps my skin moisturized and beautifully hydrated. Every day is a spa day with Dr K Dermal products. With beautiful radiant glowing skin, I feel like a queen already.

Words are too little to explain the excitement I have for this product! I have been in the beauty industry for many years and I am always very aware of new brands and only the best skin care on the market but when I came across Dr K and also started using this amazing product, I can for the first time actually say I see a huge difference! 

Not only is this a very up market medical skin care range but it is also affordable! It lasts you 3 months and the results are instant! Dr K contains nucleotides, and that puts them in a different league! For results get Dr K products!

DrK’s cellReverse Day Shield AM moisturiser is an absolute hit, it leaves my skin feeling so well moisturized and hydrated. I love the fact that it has SPF50 embedded in it and its protective shield against UV light as I am constantly exposed to either the sun, light or I am on screen. On the days that I am from an event, and I have to remove the makeup. That Cell Reverse Advance expo cleanse gel makes it so easy to remove the makeup, leaving my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I feel that my skin gets extra protection when I also apply the cellReverse NucleoNight Shield. I have seen massive improvement on my skin since I started using these products.

Emperors Palace

Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

I have enjoyed my experiences with Emperors Palace. The staff are helpful and friendly, service is good, and with the array of things to do and explore, there’s never a shortage of entertainment.

Emperors is the palace where dreams are turned into reality. Most prestigious events such as award ceremonies and crowning take place at the Emperors palace. The beautiful palace has ample space and rooms that accommodate all budgets. From all hotel rooms, there is easy access to the food court and entertainment areas. The boardroom passages boast rich displays of the history of South Africa. The food is affordable and almost all age groups will find the experience at Emperors unique and exciting.

The Palace of dreams, that sums up what the hotel and casino portray. Emperors Palace has a variety of hotels to choose from, restaurants, coffee shops, and of course the entertainment side. It has something for everyone so bring the whole family along to experience what it is all about. There is fun to be had by everyone. I have enjoyed representing Emperor’s Palace, and my previous stays at Emperor’s have been amazing.

Since entering Mrs. South Africa Emperors palace has officially become my second home when it comes to choosing my favorite accommodation a glorious health and beauty spa if you want to unwind and relax taking time out from everything. With the mental health rate so high it’s important that we are intentional about taking time out and for me emperors palace helps me with exactly that. They have four unique hotels to choose from that caters to your budget. Magnificent casino for those who like to play. And the best part is they always have special offers.

Emperors Palace is truly a palace as it is an awe-inspiring place of dreams with just about everything you need. Whether you’re visiting for business, pleasure, and all things in between, Emperors Palace has got you covered. As a Mrs. South Africa 2022 Finalist and because of the wonderful hospitality, Emperors Palace has, truly, began to feel like a home away from home. Thank you for forever being the place where one of my dreams came true!


Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

As a home baker, I am always needing something new in my kitchen and the only store I will shop at is at Hirsch’s. Growing up I always thought a Hirsch’s store was only for the rich and famous but boy was I wrong. Walking into a Hirsch’s Home store for any type of home appliance is always such an absolute pleasure. From the staff greeting you with a big smile, ensuring you receive an experience and not just making a sale, to the beautiful, displayed showrooms. And mind you, there is always amazing specials on offer. If I need something for my kitchen, I know I will find it at Hirsch’s as they stock the best quality and widest brands in South Africa. Hirsch’s is all about pushing service and product quality to new levels.

I have always admired family-run businesses and getting to know the Hirsch’s family has been intriguing. I have visited at least 3 of the nationwide stores and in everyone that I have been, the strong culture of friendliness combined with professionalism rests. The staff are quick to praise the owners as great people who care and look after their staff! Enjoying all the variety of Brands within the stores, is a pleasurable experience with the latest innovative technologies available. Things are clearly done with an own sense of culture and following the Blog page online shows the connection this company has with its clients. With constant giveaways, sales and various store celebrations, this Company holds a pleasantly ‘festive’ atmosphere. Margaret also has a heart to help ignite entrepreneurial skills within the community and loves to motivate us to become better versions of ourselves. Love this!

My one stop, ultimate favourite shop. Thank you Hirsch’s for enriching my life with your amazing products and unbelievable discounts. When you walk into a Hirsch’s store, it feels like home. The staff is always friendly, and they really go out of their way to assist. I love Hirsch-ing through life…

Hirsch’s tagline is “Trusted Since 1979” and this couldn’t be more true. Margaret and her incredible team are always so warm and friendly. Their warmth extends far beyond the walls of their stores. Margaret and the Hirsch’s staff are always giving back to the community. I love their ethos and what they stand for. They are a family run business, you can trust. They also are so efficient; I recently bought a Kenwood Mixer from Hirsch’s Hyde Park branch. The lid didn’t close properly, and I wasn’t 100% happy with my purchase. The friendly staff at Hirsch’s sorted me out with a new lid that fit perfectly no questions asked. My house is kitted out with appliances from Hirsch’s and I love the fact that they have everything I need under one roof. In fact, if ever need to take a break from the chaos of family life, I may just make myself at home and physically move into the store.

My experiences with Hirsch’s stores are that there is always incredible service whenever we visit. The staff was helpful and super friendly. They have a very wide range of appliances, and the staff is more than willing to help you find what you are looking for. It is every woman’s dream to have most of the handy appliances for her dream kitchen.  Hirsch’s is a world apart from all other appliance stores in the country, it is such a pleasure to walk through the stores, it is very airy, bright, uncluttered – enticingly well presented, easy on the eye and we as customers are spoilt for choice. The variety of brands and colours are amazing, each to suit every unique home with different styles and personalities, there is definitely something for everybody at Hirsch’s, my absolute favourite I would recommend you get all your quality appliances at your nearest Hirsch stores.

PKF Octagon

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PKF Octagon makes tax, auditing and financial services look easy. Smart, efficient and ahead of the curve, you can trust them with all your financial needs.

PKF Octagon facilitates fair judging during the competition. They have solid protocols that focus on transparency. As a participant in the Mrs South Africa pageant, I was constantly informed of the judging process and the mark allocation. The judging process is less susceptible to subjective input since the entire allocation of scores is quantifiable.

Supporting your personal wealth as well as your business wealth. Guidance to support your growth, by combining expertise and experience. PKF want the best for you in all areas of your life, whether it be for work or personally. They offer advice to make sure your decisions are right. They are a dynamic team which focus on partner-led relationships which encourages approachability. Incredible auditors with their heads in the game.


Now I have never met an Auditing company that is so advanced in supporting business and personal wealth. With their wide range of services Audit and Assurance, Tax and Tax planning, accounting services, Business advisory and so much more. And as business owner I trust them to help me with accounting services.

The work that PKF Octagon does as independent auditors of the Mrs South Africa Beauty Pageant is of paramount importance. As a 2022 Finalist, knowing that all my requirements, targets, evaluations, and scoring has been independently audited by a trusted and reputable firm, gives me peace of mind.


Sponsor Reviews Mrs SA Finalists

My husband has tried every weight loss product out there with minimal results. When I came home with the Slimz product box he was very skeptical but decided to try anyway. Within one month of the daily Slimz shakes we could see visible results with his appetite being suppressed and clothes fitting more comfortable. The journey continues but he is more motivated than ever before. With my busy schedule, I use Slimz as a daily shake or mixed in my oats to ensure I consume the correct amount of nutrients daily. Both our energy levels have increased tremendously. Not forgetting the amazing, tasty flavors!

As I have never put my body on a diet before, I was pleased to help a family member get her body back into shape. She raved about the fact that the instruction manual tells one exactly what to eat, which product to use when. She said that it took the guess work out of the way and with a help desk at her fingertips to assist with any questions, she had it all in place. “The exercise program is super easy to follow and achieve success. The practical weekly shopping list is just an absolute bonus!” We did however share a shake on the deal and wow it was delicious with the bonus of being nutritious! I would recommend this Brand to those who need an all-round boost on their metabolism, fat-burning, detoxing, re-shaping goals to melt away the unwanted centimetres! Quality Brand taking care of quality ingredients!

I have been introduced to Slimz , by Mrs South Africa as part of my Mrs South Africa journey 2022. What a great product, my ultimate favourite is definitely the Slimz Zero Shake. I have it every morning, it’s absolutely my go-to product especially being on the GO all the time it’s easy and convenient to have. I do ‘spice’ it up with trying something different every morning like adding some frozen berries, ice and a spoon of peanut butter , blend it all together and there you have a delicious meal on the run. Thank you Slimz for making my life easier.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have finally reached a point in my weight loss journey where I am no longer losing weight for purely aesthetic reasons but rather the focus is on operating at my optimum in terms of health. Over the course of my Mrs SA journey, I have lost 10kg. Thanks, Slimz for assisting me on my journey to becoming the best version of me!

Slimz products are quite simple and easy to follow and mainly realistically to stick to when a goal is being targeted. In a week or two, you have your desired results. Slimz is realistic and explains that you need to maintain and stick to a healthy eating plan which you need to discipline yourself and follow. Slimz is a medical grounded and sustainable weight loss solution giving you everything you need to support a healthy metabolism for weight loss and these products are proven to accelerate results. These products have many benefits including energy tonic, teas, weight loss activator, fat burner, health shakes and appetite suppressant. I totally use the Slimz chocolate shakes before and after my training sessions in the gym and I find that it gives me more energy and momentum than before. I also like that the shakes are not at all sweet, it is just to my liking, and I will recommend it to others.

Smile Solutions

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Smile Solutions Dentist Practice is just amazing. From the moment you arrive you are made to feel so welcome. The friendliness and professionalism are refreshing. You can easily forget that there may be drills involved at some point. I enjoyed the range of services available. Diagnostic examination, Smile make-over, Tooth whitening/ bleaching, Restorative treatments, Teeth cleaning, Laser treatments as well as general dentistry.

I was particularly impressed by the passion that the team had for dentistry. They genuinely care about dental health. Valuable information was shared throughout the consult on good hygiene practices. They don’t want you to have any dental problems – they want you to enjoy good dental hygiene. And they are a company that gives back to the community – teaching children the concepts of good dental hygiene and giving out toothbrushes. They definitely do offer friendly and professional expertise in a relaxed atmosphere. And their actions prove their belief that prevention is better than cure.

I’ve been to the dentist and I’ve been to Smiles Solutions! From the moment one walks through the doors- the warm friendly welcome with smiles by the staff is out of this world. The relaxed, vibrant and warm ambience, the technology, the equipment; the passion that runs through every member of the staff, it all makes it a worthwhile investment to visit regularly just to unwind whilst taking care of that smile! Dr Zander was absolutely amazing, and his passions come through effortlessly as he explains every step of the procedure. I left feeling like I just went on a Dental University, that is real empowerment for me. His demonstrations on how to brush and floss is hardly what you find in most dentistry places. I enjoyed being there with my family and sharing in the knowledge of how to care for our teeth in the most beautiful and luxurious dentistry in town.

I was extremely nervous about my dental appointment, because it was literally my first time visiting a dentist. According to my parents I had the perfect set of teeth and smile growing up, therefore it was not a priority for me to visit the dentist. So, I actually grew older believing that dentists are for those who have serious dental issues.

My experience visiting Smile Solutions was certainly a new and enlightening first time experience. I have since learned that the dentists are not a place only for those with serious dental issues, but that regular dental visits are important because they allow your dentist to detect cavities early. The earlier you catch cavities, the less expensive they are to treat. What particularly stood out and fascinated me at smile solutions was the world-class technology they use to conduct their assessments of your teeth and the comfortable and relaxing environment. It felt like being at a relaxation spa more than being at a dentist.

I grew up having a sweet tooth. I would chew so many sweets all at once. I never visited a dentist till I was 23 years. It was then that it was discovered that I had cavities that needed to have filing done. I had the same filing until my early 40s when one of my teeth with the filing started to give me problems. It was realized that it was decaying, and a root canal was done, which was not successful. Until I visited smile solution, the issue of a tooth that is bleeding and sensitive due to failed root canal was a matter of the past. Thank you to Dr Rita, for taking care of my teeth and reminding me of the importance of flossing regularly to avoid gum infections.

I’ve spent many of my early years at the dentist, got a number of my teeth extracted, which left me with difficulties when chewing. But I recently visited Smile Solutions, I must say they were the total opposite of all I knew about dentists. They didn’t just fix the problem I came with; they further checked the rest of my teeth and recommended solutions to prevent future issues.
How many dentists would say “do this to avoid coming back to me again?” in my experience I certainly don’t know many.

In Smile Solutions I have not only found someone who makes my smile large and bright, but also my families’ lifetime dental partner. I am so glad my kids will never have to go through what I went through with my early dental experiences. Smile Solutions, the best solution. I would be doing injustice if I did not mention their beautiful facilities that gave me that spa like type of vibe, my mind settled from the moment I walked it, I felt so relaxed.


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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Urban Trend team at their offices in Copperleaf and I am always in awe at how professional and meticulous Brendan, Sandra and Jacqueline are. An investment in the perfect property is a daunting process and I believe one would certainly want to go through the process with a team that is professional, meticulous, passionate, patient, friendly, communicates constantly and promptly. Urban brings your ultimate luxury home dream to life, having had a glimpse of the feel and experience of the Urban trend lifestyle, I highly recommend this luxury property group to anyone seeking their dream luxury home.

My first impressions with Urban Trend- was elegance, exclusivity, luxury. And then I met the team for the first time, and it felt like dreams are within reach to anyone who dares to dream. I was sold to a life of legacy, a life not only of just buying a property to live in but an investment of a lifetime. Urban Trend does not just sell properties, they sell dreams, hopes, aspirations and homes. I always say passion is contagious and Urban Trend’s team brings to live the unprecedented service in the way they carry out their services. With carefully selected range of properties, from the bush veld to the city life, luxury has a name for me, and it is Urban Trend. It is an extension of a real life of one who is Queen. Sophistication, Elegance, Comfort, Simplicity, Style, Functionality, all because I Am Worth It!

I have been dreaming of moving my family to a luxurious area, moving from the stand-alone home to the estates for the security and safety of my family. I did not know where to start to look for a new home for my family until I was introduced to urban trends.

Urban trend offered me exceptional service. They made it easy for me to look for a home, and they sent me to view a different number of homes until I found the one that suited my needs. The urban trend has different services that a client can choose from. They offer rentals, buying, selling, development and investment. Urban trend indeed offers both service and an experience forged by excellence.

Who does not love luxury, not many amongst us? But can we afford all the luxury we desire, only a few lucky can say yes, and I was not one of them. Well, that was before I found out about Urbantrend, Now I count myself as one of the lucky few.

With Urbantrend I can afford to get the luxury home I have always dreamt of at affordable rates, that’s because Urbantrend sell directly from the developers, they cut the middleman which saves you money and time. Total luxury, just without the usual price tag that will break your bank. Thank you Urbantrend for ensuring the I get the things we all know I deserve, the finer things in life. If only I had known where to look earlier. For me, Urbantrend is the way to go.

The real housewives of Gauteng and Western Cape definitely all use Urban Trend Property group as their real estate agents. Luxury Living. Breathtaking residences that one can call home. That is what Urban Trend provides. Located at Copperleaf Estate, their list of properties at first appear to be more of a bucket list than properties available for residential occupancy. From one jaw dropping property to the next, it is easy to feel like a celebrity.

The homes themselves are unlike you have ever imagined. Open spaces, great views, cozy, comfortable areas, warmth – as a home should feel. The passion that the dynamic team has for property was clearly evident and one can understand why they are causing a stir within the luxury real estate market. This is real estate on another level. It’s more than you dreamed now available.

Wild Africa Cream

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From friends they say, it is bold, smooth with irresistible creamy tones. Its multiple use makes for a great addition to one’s collection. Personally, I’ve been inspired to draw a very solid line of defining who I am from the brand’s bold, unmistakable descriptions of its brand personality. Of all the brands, I found Wild Africa Cream to be very clear, not confused about who they are and their descriptions of who they are not – it made for an even more clearer distinction of their identify as a premium brand. You were very quick to come forward when you felt like you are not well represented which I appreciated very much. The brand has taught me to boldly be who I am and confidently embrace all the elements that makes me ‘me’. Be Unapologetically You!

My guilty treat has been wild Africa cream liquor mixed in ice-cream. I am not generally a fan of ice-cream, but this combination literally melted my taste buds. What sets Wild Cream Africa apart from cream liquors I have previously tried is the quality and smoothness of the cream. I particularly enjoy the original.

Even though I don’t drink alcohol, out of choice, not because of any religious belief or something, I participated in the Wild Africa cream challenge we were given by Mrs. South Africa as a semi-finalist. We were required to do a reel or a video of us making our favorite dessert using Wild Africa cream. I decided to try my favorite chocolate mousse recipe and include a Wild Africa cream. I must say it was the great experimentation I have ever done, and it tasted so good, even if I have to say so myself. My husband loved it, and we ate it for almost three days. Why don’t you add something extra to your night out by choosing Elegance untamed with Wild Africa Cream? It is also perfect over ice cream, in coffee. Go ahead and experiment with Wild Africa Cream.

So, I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, I am sure you would wonder why I would be recommending Wild Africa Cream? Well, after tasting the dessert made from Wild Africa Cream, I have no option but to make an exception for Wild Africa Cream.

Wild Africa Cream Infused Malva pudding forces me to reconsider, then came Tiramisu infused with Wild Africa Cream… Just wondering why I didn’t know this earlier. You know how good it must be if it causes me to rethink my long-held conviction not to take alcoholic beverages. And hey, did I mention? It is also my mother in law’s new favourite. Give it a try, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

No matter how full people may feel, there’s almost no chance of them saying no to a tot of wild Africa Cream on the rocks. I love it.