2024 Mrs South Africa entries now open

Unleash your potential

The New Year is around the corner, bringing new opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve lifelong goals. And, for a few incredible women who are willing to take the leap, one such opportunity could be the Dallmayr Mrs South Africa 2024 life transformation programme.

Entries to next year’s Dallmayr Mrs South Africa pageant are officially open from now until 29 January 2024 to all married women from South Africa between the ages of 25 and 55 in 2024.

Far more than just a pageant, Dallmayr Mrs South Africa offers an unparalleled self-discovery journey that celebrates ‘bonafide’ women of all creeds, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, and religious backgrounds. It has been described as an ‘MBA of Life’ that teaches participants valuable skills, such as leadership, financial competence, communication, personal branding, and media management, among others, empowering them in their personal and professional lives.

“Our ladies are consistently challenged to step out of their comfort zones, face their fears, and overcome their insecurities while discovering their strengths and purpose in life. Our goal is to shape women into the leaders and changemakers they’re supposed to be, so that they can go on and realise their dreams while serving our communities and driving meaningful change,” says Mrs South Africa CEO Joani Johnson.

“Our acclaimed Mrs South Africa sisterhood is another big draw for contestants. Throughout the year, our participants connect on a deeper level and really come to lean on each other as they seek to make the most of the programme. The result is a powerful network of influential women who inspire and support each other, including our wonderful mentors, coaches, and experts. The opportunities this programme provides really are endless.”

Tshego Gaelae, the newly crowned Mrs South Africa, says that the journey has been lifechanging in many ways, helping her to discover her voice and teaching her to be fearless in the face of uncertainty.

“I originally entered because I saw how well the platform lends itself to the sustainable empowerment of ladies, and I wanted to be part of the change. This was also the year I was going to kick myself, physically if needed, out of my comfort zone and try anything and everything that’s new and exciting to me.

“I was most excited about engaging with likeminded people, to interact with queens and powerful women in their own right, and to learn from and build alongside them. Sisterhood, to me, means taking a purposeful role in helping women succeed. I am highly dedicated to the wins of women from all walks of life, and if you feel the same, then submit your entry to Mrs South Africa now!”

As the Dallmayr Mrs South Africa team prepares the programme for the 2024 class, they invite all married women who want to challenge themselves, grow their potential, and make a positive impact in society to join.

“Our promise to you is that you will discover yourself in ways you never thought possible. Our team of powerful ladies will help you find your true inner beauty, talent, and your purpose in life,” Johnson says.

Mrs South Africa’s longtime mainline sponsor, Dallmayr Coffee, will once again be stepping on board to help the team grow the programme, support its many empowerment activities throughout the year, and help the Class of 2024 achieve their dreams.

The programme is further supported by a diverse range of other sponsors such as Brentoni Eyewear, BTL Aesthetics, Caribbean Tan, Chery Krugersdorp, Collagen Lift Paris, Hirsch’s Homestore, Kryolan Professional Makeup, Lashout, Maskscara, iME, MSC Cruises, PKF Octagon, PR Worx, Slimz, Truewood Furniture, Urbantrend, Whirlpool, and Wild Africa Cream.

To enter Dallmayr Mrs South Africa 2023, entrants must:

  • Be female between the ages of 25 and 55 in 2024;
  • Be legally married with a valid marriage certificate from the SA Department of Home Affairs;
  • Be in possession of a valid South African identity document; and
  • Apply via https://mrssouthafrica.co.za/enter-mrs-sa-2024/ by 29 January 2024.

Please note that there are no restrictions on educational background, height, weight, or tattoos. No prior pageant or modelling experience is required.

For the full list of requirements, visit: